About Us

If you have something to say or a story to tell or share about your personal finances that can inspire others or set an example for others, you are welcome to post a guest post. Of course you will have all the credit for what you write.

The guidelines are very simple:

  1. Of course, it has to be a topic related to personal finance.
  2. It must be original, that is, you have not published it before in another space.
  3. That it has the appropriate extension to a blog post. I’m pretty flexible about it, but it’s not about writing a book.
  4. Make it clear and with easy to understand language.
  5. For the author box that appears at the end of each post, I would need a brief sketch of who you are, as well as your social networks that you want to appear there for people to contact you.

All the posts I check before being published, basically to make sure that these requirements are met. Sometimes I may ask you for some clarification. If for some reason I decide not to publish it, I will explain the reason.

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